2018 MEECO Leadership Development Conference
3:00 PM15:00

2018 MEECO Leadership Development Conference

Mindfulness, The Practice

An integrated perspective using the best practices of behavioral science and organizational management.

So many of the leaders that we work with are feeling overwhelmed by what feels like nonstop, never-ending demands at work and at home. Frequently, our workplaces  demand we do more with less. This leaves many leaders feeling overwhelmed, distracted and detached. All of which leaves many individuals feeling in a sustained state of manic behaviors that make it harder to perform at your best or really ‘show up’ to life and in relationship.

Living in this manic state has left many searching for an alternative path. Research has shown that the Practice of Mindfulness is that alternative path. Mindfulness Practices are routines that impact the brain and its functioning and leave you feeling calmer, more focused, and able to engage. These are essential states to mastering the more difficult moments, enhancing performance, decision-making and being more fully available for connection with self and others.

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