“Barbara McMahon’s work is about hope, change and optimism…. An opportunity to share knowledge, experience and life stories. It is about building a community where business people are working for a common good”
— Anita Roddick, CEO, The Body Shop International
“As both a consultant and trainer, Barbara achieves the delicate balance needed between responsibility to the enterprise and commitment to community and our future.”
— Elliot Hoffman, Just Desserts
“McMahon packs a lot of valuable information into her thought provoking dynamic presentations. Seminar participants leave with a new set of practical tools that can be immediately implemented into the organization.”
— Cara Pike, Senior VP Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund
“McMahon’s assistance was vital to our team’s success. She helped us to expose and understand the beliefs and values needed to transform our group into a high performing work team.”
— Richard Ingels, Chevron Texaco
“Barbara spoke the truth in love to me and set my life and career on a new, more authentic path. In working with Barbara over the last three years, she has helped me address both big, strategic choices as well as tactical details with wisdom, kindness and professionalism. Further, she was able to utilize her extensive real world experience to translate the key insights to my team ensuring sustained change. I look forward to engaging Barbara again soon for leadership development and transformational change with my clients.”
— Bo Stambaugh, Organizational Effectiveness Consultant at Slalom Consulting
“I received coaching from her and It has been the best coaching I have ever received. Barbara becomes your “GURU” in management affairs. 
She is warm, professional, and really wise. It was a pleasure working with her. Also is remarkable that a person with the knowledge that she has is so humble, this is remarkable.”
— Hector Rodriguez, Supply Chain Manager, Procurement Manager, International Trade Manager
“Barbara has been working with me throughout the last year on improving my leadership. She has introduced me to leadership models that are easy to implement and even easier to sustain. Barbara’s coaching has provided me tools to make changes to my leadership style which has allowed me to empower my team to make confident business decisions.”
— Ammie McAsey (Rabicke), Vice President General Manager McKesson Pharmaceutical
“I interviewed Barbara several times on our radio show, Insight on Coaching, and found her to be extremely knowledgeable about executive coaching and how coaching can be used successfully in the workplace to develop leaders.”
— Tom Floyd, Learning & Development Partner, Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook
“Barbara is a tremendous coach, partner, and person. She brings palpable warmth and obvious passion into every personal encounter, and is dedicated to our organization’s goals, including the development of each individual involved. She helps people improve in many ways, and has been a valuable strategic partner for Linkage and GILD for many years.”
— Jeremy Hill, Datawatch